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At Idea Coach we follow the powerful process of ‘facilitation’, which is a forward looking means through which to establish change and development at a personal or business level. Facilitation does not involve giving individuals or businesses direct advice or instructions, but is a way of creatively unlocking dormant potential, and carving a path towards success using the key strengths and talents possessed at that present time.


We will initially work with you at thought level before moving on to assist with more tangible areas, which is why results are highly effective. Every useful tangible item that was born through human intervention began as a series of well managed thoughts that led to a creative idea. We become accustomed to adopting logical and conventional thought patterns, partly due to our own personal experiences, but also due to the strength of the status quo in wider society.


Mediocre thinking produces similar results to those generated in the past, and is not the ideal state of mind in which to give birth to fresh new creative ideas. Idea Coach believes that being creative is about combining existing elements to produce something new. We will help you find solutions in places you would have never expected to look, help you address challenging questions, and help you break down any assumptions that are blocking a clear path towards a new future.


Whether it be your personal or business affairs, it is often only a case of giving yourself the opportunity to examine and reorganise your thought patterns to establish a more effective lifestyle or business practice. You don't need a problem to use Idea Coach. We can assist you with shaping circumstances from being challenging to manageable, or from being great to perfect.


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